5 Fun Games To Teach Your Dog

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When it relates to games to teach your dog, the common fetch is one of the first that comes to mind. Playing games with your dog helps keep him alert and sharpens his mind while providing exercise and bonding for both of you. Did you know there are a variety of other games you can teach your dog to play other than fetch? Check out these cool games that will provide exercise and entertainment for you and your favorite pooch.

1. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is always fun, but it is especially so when you are enjoying it with your fur baby. For extra fun, gather the kids and tell them to hide while your dog seeks so everyone can get in on the action. The hiders can also make small noises to stand out and give clues to their whereabouts. You can also take a few of your dog’s favorite toys and hide them around the room then let your furry guy seek them out.

2.  Human Says

If your dog knows a few basic commands like sit, stay, roll over, lie down, play a game of Human Says. It  similar to Simon Says except that you don’t think about “Simon didn’t say …” Practice going through the commands with your dog and see how he does. Don’t forget to offer praise and dog treats!

3. Treat Treasure Hunt

This game is sort of like a hide and seek scavenger hunt, with tasty treats as the reward! Keep your dog out of the room then hide some of her favorite treats around. Stick the treats under cushions, inside end tables, under chairs. Let her sniff out her treats while you watch the fun and enjoy her excitement. This will surely become your pooches’ favorite of the games you can teach your dog!

4. Name Game Fetch

This game can help you teach your dog a few words. No, he won’t recite them back to you, but he can learn the names of some of his favorite toys. Practice throwing toys and saying what they are. For example, throw the kong toy and say “kong” then tell him to “Get the kong.” Do this over and over with his toys and eventually he will learn to recognize the words and associate them with the correct toy. Once he starts recognizing the names, test him by putting two  on the floor then ask him to get one of them. Make sure to give treats and plenty of praise when he gets it right!

5. Round Robin Game

This is a great game for helping your dog come when called. Have the entire family participate and do this game indoors or out. Have everyone spread out so each person is several feet from the next. If outside, you can have everyone stand in various locations around the yard. Each person needs a handful of treats. Start by taking turns calling your dog’s name. When she comes to the person who called, she gets a treat and praise.

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