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Freedom No-Pull Harness Only, No Leash


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Manufacturer Description

The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness is "The Ferrari of Pet Strolling Harnesses" - Grisha Stewart, Ahimsa Pet Training, Seattle, WA. Featuring a martingale loop on the back of the harness that tightens gently around your canine's chest to prevent pulling along with a front loop for utmost control. Perfect for all pet dogs: Excellent control, four points of adjustability and maximum convenience and safety make this harness best for young puppies along with adult and senior pet dogs of all breeds. It is also excellent for pet dogs with amputations, arthritis or other injuries. The Freedom Harness showcases a ring on the front of the chest for an additional control point which lets you "steer" your canine and reroute his or her interest making leash training easier. Utilizing a double ended leash permits you to connect to the front and back of the harness simultaneously, enabling you to steer your canine like utilizing the reins on a horse and reroute his interest back to you. Industry leading lifetime chewing warranty: The manufacturer will certainly replace as much as 2 chewed straps free of cost, no concerns asked, for just the expense of shipping. Contact us if your harness has to be repaired to obtain the right mailing address.-- 100 % Made in the UNITED STATE! Easy to place on and remove. Washable. Training directions are consisted of.--.

Product Features

The Freedom No-Pull Harness design minimizes or eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The Freedom Harness is recommended by trainers as the "ultimate in flexibility, control, and training." Vets love the harness because it is designed to walk from the back of the dog keeping their spinal cords in alignment. Adoption groups love it because of its ease of use. Comfortable and durable! The Freedom harness has a soft Swiss velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to help prevent rubbing, chaffing and sores that sometimes can be seen with other harness designs. All of the edges of the webbing are turned out to keep them from irritating your dog's skin. This well made harness will stand up to daily use by even the strongest dogs! Multi-functional: The harness can be used for discouraging pulling when attached to the front or for exercise when attached to the back. A leash can be attached to both the front and back of the harness or just the front or the back. Test it to see which works best for you and your dog! Industry leading lifetime chewing warranty: The manufacturer will replace up to two chewed straps for free, no questions asked, for just the cost of shipping. Reduces pulling! The patented action loop sits at the back of the dog between the shoulders allowing your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by gently tightening around the chest. SIZING: Use a soft tape measure and measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be not pulled too tight, but not loose. XSMALL: 14-20" girth, 12-17 lbs; SMALL: 18-24" girth, 18-25 lbs; MEDIUM 5/8'' WIDTH: 23-28" girth, 25-65 lbs; MEDIUM 1'' WIDTH; 23-28" girth, 25-65 lbs; LARGE: 27-32" girth, 60-85 lbs; XLARGE: 31-37" girth, 85-140 lbs; XXLARGE: 36-44" girth, 140-250 lbs.

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