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Liquid Dog Calming Aid - Decreases Separation Anxiety - Relieves Stress - Reduces Fear of Thunderstorms - Soothes Nervousness - Naturally Derived Formula - Pre-measured Doses - 4fl Oz Measured Dose Pump Provides 118 Doses - Faster Absorption Then Chewable

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Manufacturer Description

Our Naturally Derived CALMING Formula is a pet dog soothing supplement made using nature's active ingredients.

It is particularly formulated to relieve your animal from suffering the effects of anxiety caused by external and internal stress factors.

Behavioral concerns can become an issue for you and your dog.

Aggressive behavior and impulsive acts can result in more anxiety and make it difficult for you or your animal to enjoy his day. These concerns may likewise result in an excess of other uncontrollable disorders.

. Biting
. Barking
. Devastating behavior
. Scratching
. Licking
. Nausea
. Throwing up
. Gastric distress
. Diarrhea, and hyperactivity are all signs and symptoms that your dog is under anxiety.

As loving owners we wish to reduce these problems. We desire our animals to be healthy, happy, and anxiety totally free.

Our item can minimize the effects of stress factors on your animal by utilizing natural active ingredients that work to relieve their anxiety, relieve physical effects, and usually calm their mindset. It will certainly not influence your animal's character or their energy level. Working much in the very same way anti-anxiety medication operates in human beings.

Exactly what makes our item various?

The natural active ingredients in the formula, and the way these active ingredients are provided to your dog.

Our item remains in liquid form. This is a far remarkable way to administer this kind of treatment instead of pill form. The dog's system can take in it much more easily.

In addition to this, much like for human beings, it is important that the treatment be offered precisely and regularly. We have made this task easy for you and pleasant for your dog. The tough pump that has our Naturally Derived CALMING Formula is pre-measured. That means your dog is getting the exact amount needed each and every time.

Product Features

✦ Thiamine is Vitamin B, which helps decrease the risk associated with vascular injury and nerve damage caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency.

✦ Ginger is rich in vitamins and minerals that help relieve motion sickness and carsickness when traveling if given in small amounts. It decreases nausea and upset stomach in anxious dogs and dogs usually love the taste.

✦ Chamomile Flower is a proven stress reliever that promotes general relaxation. It works as a relaxing sleep aid and a muscle relaxant. Its sedative properties relieve restlessness. Animal studies show that chamomile contains substances that act on the same parts of the brain and nervous system as anti-anxiety drugs.

✦ Tryptophan is given by vets for reducing aggression and other behavioral issues and actions in dogs. It is used to decrease aggression and impulsivity such as barking, biting, scratching and licking, and other compulsive disorders. Also help to stabilize moods.

✦ Valerian has long been used as an all- natural treatment for canine anxiety. Works great for dogs with anxiety-related digestive disturbances and diarrhea. It is known to have sedative/calming properties in domestic animals and is FDA approved for use in animals.

✦ Lemon Balm contains chemicals that seem to have a sedative, calming effect. It works by helping reduce stress by inhibiting the enzyme GABA transaminase. It is non-toxic to animals, and works great for restlessness, discontentment, and sleep problems.

✦ Theanine reduces stress and anxiety to help calm pets. It is clinically proven to soothe fear and anxiety and promote relaxation in dogs. Also helps alleviate stress related behavioral issues without changing the pet's personality or energy level.

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