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Manufacturer Description

This is the matching leash to the Puppia Soft Harness. They are made of polyester and showcase a nickel plated D-ring and a genuine Puppia rubber label. These leashes are readily available in three various sizes: Small, Medium and Huge.

Puppia Soft Harness

The Puppia Soft Harness is our best selling harness. It is constructed of 100 % Polyester Air Mesh, which is light-weight, breathable and really soft to the touch. Readily available in 12 various colors and 6 sizes, this harness makes certain to fit most pet dogs really conveniently. This harness includes soft edges (piping), some on the other hand colors, a real Puppia rubber label on the chest part, an adjustable chest belt with a simple snap on/off fastening and a D-ring on the back to hook any basic leash onto the harness. Although this harness was developed with smaller types in mind, over the past few years, Puppia has actually added bigger sizes to accommodate bigger pet dogs.

Collar vs. Harness

There is nothing incorrect with making use of a collar and a leash on a canine, as individuals have actually utilized them for a very long time. A collar is a great practical tool when training your canine to stroll on a leash. Using a collar can in some cases trigger stress in your canine's neck and trachea and for small breed pet dogs, this can be really dangerous. Smaller sized breed pet dogs have small necks and small necks have fragile throats and tracheas. Utilizing a collar can in some cases lead to a collapsed trachea and trigger respiratory issues. A harness is designed so that when a canine is strolling on a leash and it pulls forward, the pressure is dispersed throughout the pet dogs' chest preventing the canine from choking and injuring its throat.

The Puppia Soft Harness is available in a range of sizes from Extra-Small (i.e. 2-3 lbs pet dogs) to Extra-Extra Huge (i.e. 60-70 lbs pet dogs). It is essential to determine your canine appropriately and the image below will help you determine your canine appropriately. Similar to us human beings, individual pet dogs vary in size and body, so selecting a size based on a list of types should only be made use of as a tip. Constantly use actual measurements from your canine taken with a tailor's measuring tape or even a piece of string and afterwards lay it against a yardstick. As a rule of thumb, if your canine remains in between sizes, please go up a size. For the Soft Harness, one of the most essential measurement you will require is the canine's neck measurement. Because this harness has to fit over the canine's head, please see to it the harness' neck opening if huge enough to fit your canine's head through. The canine's neck should be measured at the location where a collar would naturally rest (base of neck). It is essential to take the measurement at the base of the neck, otherwise you will end up with a harness that is too tight or won't even fit over the head.

IMPORTANT: Unlike human clothes, animal apparel designers have various sizing characteristics, so please do not purchase a Puppia harness based on the size of another manufacturer/designer. Simply since your canine is small to you, does NOT indicate it automatically fits a size small harness. You have to take different measurements into factor to consider before you purchase this harness. All pet dogs are constructed in a different way and some pet dogs have really deep or broad chest, whereas some pet dogs have a big head inned comparison to their body. Kindly make sure you determine properly and make sure your canine's head can clear the neck opening of the harness, as this part is NOT adjustable. If you are looking for a harness that is adjustable around the neck, in addition to chest, we suggest attempting a Puppia Superior Harness or Puppia RiteFit Harness. Both are readily available through Amazon.

Product Features

Please refer below for sizing chart and choose accordingly.

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