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Walk Your Dog With Love, No-Pull Front-Attachment Harness


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Manufacturer Description

Stop your canine from drawing and feel fantastic about it! The Stroll Your Canine with Love No-Pull Harness offers fantastic outcomes, keeps its size, is easy-to-adjust, does not chafe, and is light-weight, water-resistant, vet authorized, rescue endorsed, and made in U.S.A! Care: In order to prevent chaffing (although some clients do make use of the harness in these methods with no problems) we do not recommend the Stroll Your Canine with Love Harness to be utilized with a leash longer than 6 feet or to be utilized to run with your canine. We recommend that you put the harness on your canine only throughout strolls and see your canine carefully to prevent your canine from chewing the harness. Sizing: (The Stroll Your Canine with Love Harness normally fits pets of the weight varies noted, but if you want to double check, you can determine your canine around the largest part, "barrel" of the chest.) Sizing: 6-11 lb and 13 - 16" girth; 9-13 lbs and 14 - 17.5" girth; 10-25 lbs and 17 - 22" girth; 18-33 lbs and 18 - 25" girth; 25-60 lbs and 23 - 33" girth; 55-110 lbs and 28 - 41" girth; 110-250 lbs and 36 - 54" girth. Note: Classic Black harnesses do not have any reflective information.

Product Features

Front-attachment harnesses like the Walk Your Dog with Love are great. They use effective leveraging, are easy to use and are much more comfortable for your dog than head halters like the Gentle Leader or pinch collars. Get control! The front-attachment ring on WYDWL chest strap allows for "steering" your dog to help prevent your dog from pulling. The Walk Your Dog with Love chest strap is placed up above the dogs shoulders which gives you more control, and is more ergonomic for your dog. Comfortable and gentle. Harnesses cause chaffing in some dogs. The WYDWL is designed to minimize this by simplifying the design (less buckles, etc) and by paying careful attention to construction. Easy to adjust and put on. The Walk Your Dog with Love has a single buckle, no rings, and one simple slider. Just slip The Walk Your Dog With Love over your dog's head, and the one strap under its front legs. Doesn't Loosen! Some harnesses loosen after a period of walking. This won't happen with the WYDWL dog harness. Prevents escape. Because the chest strap on the Walk Your Dog with Love No-Pull Harness is higher, dogs can't slip out of the harness like they can other harnesses. No stink, 3X lighter. WYDWL uses a lightweight, yet strong (1200 lb test) and water-resistant Polypropylene webbing. Is can softens up like your favorite pair of blue jeans, and it doesn't absorb and retain water it doesn't get stinky-smelly and harbor bacteria. Simple sizing is based on your dog's approximate weight. You will get the right size the first time. All sizes are 1" in width except for the 6-11 and 9-13 lbs which are 3/4" width. Night time safety. Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses have 3M Scotchlite reflective material standard on all harnesses except "Classic Black". This is a great safety plus. Cars will be able to see it in their headlights from up to 1000 feet away. Supports American workers. Made in the USA of USA materials. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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